RS-Ruby Port 22L

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WINE YIELD 23L/6GAL includes fermentation ingredients.

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NEW! Ruby Port is a proprietary blend consisting of 5 different California varietals grown specifically for Port production. In-fact, these varieties came from a test vineyard for one of the "Big Boys" on the winemaking block, lets just say the name starts with an M. The varietals include; Touriga Nacional, Souazo, Tinta Cao, Alvahelhao & Bastardo. Unlike other port wine kits that use a similar recipe process where no reconstitution is required, US Elite's Port kit produces 23 Liters/6 gallons per batch instead of only 3 gallons. Please note, this kit is not intended to be used for varietal grape type labeling purposes like other US Elite kits.

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Weight 64.00 lbs

1 review for RS-Ruby Port 22L

  1. Wendi Rawson

    This is our Vintner’s favorite port. We’ll be releasing it Valentine’s Day 2020. We’re looking forward to share with our customers and get their review of the Ruby Red.

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