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Who We Are

Based in California, USElite Winery Supplies is a premium wine kit and concentrate manufacturer dedicated to providing both Commercial Wineries and Hobby Retailers with 100% pure varietal grape juice concentrates suited for commercial winemaking compliance, as well as, specialty winemaking juices and concentrates.

With over 40 years in the winemaking and wine consulting business, our partners offer a new paradigm in the manufacturer/customer relationship. As well as a very knowledgeable staff, we have two oenologists available for consultation during regular business hours with email access after hours. Phone 760 343 1840

At US Elite we understand that the strength of any company is found in the pursuit of continuous improvement, what we like to call Kaizen. US Elite encourages comments from customers, positive and negative. Only through a two way dialogue can we fully meet your needs. To comment, please email us at customerservice@uselitewine.com

Or call 760 343 1840


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