WINE YIELD 23L/6Gal Includes fermentation Ingredients. 68°Bx 100% California varietal

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Lodi, California.. District 11, Alexander Ranch. Some wine makers call this wine the softest wine on the planet!!! It makes a silky smooth wine and is used to soften the more aggressive Cabernet Sauvignon. On its own the Merlot gives a luscious and rich texture on the palate.. Beautifully colored with a gorgeous crimson robe. Supplied with 1122 yeast, oaking at 50 grams American medium yeast for the primary and 50 grams French or American medium in the secondary.

Specifications when diluted: TA 4.45 pH 3.86, Free SO2 55, S.G. 1.095, Color 4.1

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